About Me

Ariane Slinger

Hi everyone!

I am Ariane the first daughter born out of the second marriage of Casper Dingeman (CD) SLINGER.

I am named after the love of his life, my mother Adriana (called Ariane too), with whom he shared a very exciting life for 63 years. I could write a book about their life story!

After my father passed away at the age of 92, I contacted the Dutch historian Harry Knipschild to complete the story of my father and his brother Willem. Together they set up one of the first vinyl record factories in The Netherlands in Haarlem in 1957 under the name ARTONE, and were the first manufacturers and distributors of jazz records in Europe in those years.

What is most wonderful and amazing is that the factory still exists and that it is the biggest vinyl records factory in Europe nowadays! It is owned by a Dutchman named Ton Vermeulen for the past 20 years who we have visited together with my mother and Mr and Mrs Knipschild, the historian and his wife. Since then we have become friends and we have regular contact.

My husband and I have started a record collection composed of all the vinyl records we could find manufactured by ARTONE and later on by CBS Holland and SONY Holland and a few contemporary records from other records factories.

We have discovered the fascinating world of Vinyl and love listening to our records every night after work.

This blog is intended to share my passion for Vinyl with you as well as the story of my father, my family and the ARTONE factory (Record Industry now).

Since I am an entrepreneur, in a very different field then my father, a lawyer and also the owner of a multi-family office business, named ACE International SA, providing legal and accounting services to global families and entrepreneurs, I will also share some of my professional interests with you as well as information about my charitable activities.

I hope that we will have a lot of fun together !